Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action

In order to maintain and enhance the credibility of the BICC certification program, the BICC Board has adopted the following procedures to allow individuals to bring complaints to the BICC Board concerning the conduct of BCAT certificants. In the event a certificant violates the BICC certification rules, requirements, and/or policies, the BICC Board may reprimand or suspend the individual or may revoke certification.

Grounds for Sanctions

  • Any restrictions, such as revocation, suspension, probation, or other sanctions of the individual’s professional license, where applicable
  • Violation of established BICC rules, requirements, and/or policies
  • Conviction of a felony or other crime of moral turpitude under federal or state law in a matter related to the practice of, or qualifications for, services provided by a BCAT
  • Gross negligence, willful misconduct, or other unethical conduct in the performance of services for which the individual has achieved BCAT certification
  • Fraud, falsification, or misrepresentation in an initial application or renewal application for certification
  • Falsification of any material information requested by BICC
  • Misrepresentation of BCAT certification status, including abuse of logo
  • Cheating on any certification examination.
Location Years Name Reportable Sanction Final Action

Complaint Submission

Complaints may be submitted by any individual or entity. Complaints should be reported to BICC in writing and should include the name of the person submitting the complaint, the name of the person the complaint is regarding, along with other relevant identifying information, a detailed description of factual allegations supporting the charges, and any relevant supporting documentation. Information submitted during the complaint and investigation process is considered confidential and will be handled in accordance with BICC’s confidentiality policy.
Complaints can be sumitted to leadership@behavioralcertification.org.
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