After the Exam​

Exam Results

Score reports for the BCAT exam and BCAP exam will be issued directly to candidates via electronic mail approximately three weeks after the close of the testing window. Score reports will include a “pass” or “fail” result and failing candidates will receive information on their performance in each content domain area. Passing candidates will receive their BCAT or BCAP certificate and welcome information approximately three weeks following the close of the exam window.

Candidate exam results are confidential and will be released only to the candidate, unless the candidate provides written authorization. BICC will provide candidates with duplicate score reports upon request for up to 2 years following the examination date.


Candidates who take the exam and do not pass must log in to their BICC online account and purchase a retake exam attempt. BCAT candidates who fail the exam on their first attempt may immediately schedule a second attempt. After the first re-test attempt, any additional re-test attempts require a 30-day waiting period from the previous attempt. Candidates may not test more often than 4 times per 12- month period. Exam retake fees are posted on the web site and subject to change without notice.

Exam Related Complaints

Candidates with complaints about the examination processes or their experience at the testing site should submit concerns to the BICC helpdesk email indicated on the website. Complaints may also be directed to the BICC executive director.

Candidates will have an opportunity during the exam to provide feedback regarding the content of the exam or specific exam questions. This feedback will be submitted to BICC and will be reviewed by BICC as part of the overall examination review and quality assurance process. Candidates will not receive direct feedback regarding specific item decisions.

Candidates who fail the exam and believe irregular testing conditions, significant technical problems, or violation of BICC policy were a contributing factor may file a complaint with BICC. All requests must be made in writing and postmarked or emailed no later than 30 days after the exam score report was issued. All complaints must describe the suspected error or problem and should include the candidate’s full name, exam date, and exam location.

The executive director will review exam-related complaints within 15 days of receipt and will obtain additional information from the proctor/test site as needed. The executive director may refer complaints to the BICC Board for additional review.

Understand your Scores

A criterion-referenced standard setting process is used to establish the passing point for the exam. This means that each candidate’s performance on the exam is measured against a predetermined standard. Candidates are not graded on a curve and do not compete against each other or against a quota.

This passing score for the exam is established using a panel of subject matter experts who carefully review each exam question to determine the basic level of knowledge or skill that is expected. The passing score is based on the panel’s established difficulty ratings for each exam question. Under the guidance of our psychometrician, the panel develops and recommends the passing point which is reviewed and approved by the BICC Board. The passing point for the exam is established to identify individuals with an acceptable level of knowledge and skill. Receiving a score higher than the passing score is not an indication of more advanced knowledge or a predictor of better job performance. All individuals who pass the exam, regardless of their score, have demonstrated an acceptable level of knowledge.

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