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Billing Information
Board Certified Autism Technician

All fees are non-refundable.
If this is the first time you are registering to take the BCAT & BCAP exam, please purchase Exam Fee with Application Verification & Criminal Background Check.
Some organizations provide employees with coupon codes for the Application Verification and Exam Fees BICC may bill those organization for the Criminal Background Check after the BCAT & BCAP applicant has successfully passed the BCAT & BCAT exam Please check with your employer to verify which options you should purchase.

Exam Fee with Application Verification $74.00
2 Years Criminal Background Check $50.00
Exam Retake with Application Fee $74.00
BCAT Recertification $50.00
BCAT Criminal Background Check Renewal $25.00
BCAT Renewal with Exam $150.00
Exam Fee with Application Verification $325
Additional Fee Information