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Board Certified Autism Professionals
Board Certified Autism Professionals

Certification as a Board Certified Autism Professional (BCAP) demonstrates behavior analytic competency in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and a commitment to consumer safety by graduate-level professionals who are independent practitioners. Board Certified Autism Professionals provide evidence-based autism treatment services, including but not limited to conducting behavioral assessments, treatment planning, functional analysis of maladaptive behaviors, direction of technicians, and direct treatment to address the deficits and behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder using the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Possess a minimum of a graduate degree from an accredited institution
  • 285 Hours of Coursework
  • 1000 Hours Experience
  • Adhere to the BICC Code of Conduct
  • Successfully complete a background check
  • Pass BCAP Exam
BCAP Candidate Handbook

About the Behavior Intervention Certification Council
BICC was established in 2013 to promote the highest standards of treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder through the development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of all aspects of the certification and certification renewal processes.

BCAP Exam Content Outline

The BCAP exam is 175 multiple choice items. Candidates have 3 hours to complete the exam. Topics covered by the exam are listed below, followed by a detailed content outline.

Guide to BCAP Registration

Mission Statement
The mission of BICC is to enhance public protection by developing and administering a certification program consistent with the needs of behavior analysts to recognize individuals who are qualified to treat the deficits and behaviors.

Exam Fees

An application fee is due at the time your application is submitted:

  • Eligibility Verification & Examination
  • Free for first 100 users
  • Criminal Background Check 3 years    $ 75
Scheduling Your BCAP Exam

The BCAP exam is offered year-round at testing sites across the United States and internationally. A list of test centers is available at Once your application has been approved and exam fees paid you will receive email instructions from PSI the schedule your exam.

Preparing for the BCAP Exam

How the Exam was Developed
The BCAP examination was developed by a diverse group of practitioners in partnership with test development experts in a manner consistent with generally accepted psychometric principles and best practices for certification.

Requesting an Accommodation

Special Accommodations Request Form
BICC provides accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). See "Accommodations for those with Disabilities in Section 8 of this Candidate Handbook for information on special accommodations.

Maintaining Certification

BICC requires the continuing professional development of its certificants to ensure that individuals who hold the BCAP credential maintain an ongoing commitment to learning, keep pace with developments in the field of behavior analysis, and strengthen their knowledge.